Royal Jordanian Falcons Full Display Sequence 2018
2500’ – 300’ minimum AGL

Four ship formation take off proceeding to right of spectator centre and head on to Display Line (DL) in ‘Box formation’ (BF).

  1. ¼’Clover leaf’ in (BF) to parallel (DL) towards Display center (DC).
  2. ‘Barrel roll’ in BF parallel to DL.
  3. ‘Loop’ in Box formation parallel to DL.
  4. ½ ‘Cuban 8’ to inverted flight in BF parallel to DL.
  5. BF Inverted pass then push for ½ Outside loop.
  6. Wingover in BF to parallel DL.
  7. 90* Clover Leaf Left to approach perpendicular to C.
  8. Vertical pull up in BF for a vertical “Palm Split”.
  9. 3 Ship exit away from DL. Solo/Slot remains for Tail slide.
  10. Solo continues for Tumble from 45* climbing line.
  11. Solo continues rolling circle exiting towards approaching 3 Ship in Vic.
  12. 3 Ship enters left of C at angle to DL for BF Loop.
  13. Parallel to DL 3 Ship execute synchronized rolls from Line Abreast Form LAF.
  14. 3 Ship continue for synchronized Stall Turns in LAF.
  15. Lead & R wing go Mirror Formation, L Wing executes Barrel Rolls around them.
  16. 3 Ship exit left of DL Solo enters 45* Left of C.
  17. Solo executes vertical climb for Torque Roll blended into 1 ½ turns Flat Spin.
  18. Solo exits towards approaching 3 Ship Parallel to DL from Left of C.
  19. 3 Ship in Vic execute clover leaf right to C for inverted Palm Break.
  20. 3 Ship pull up vertical individually for synchronized Stall Turns.
  21. Solo enters 45* Left from DL as 3 Ship exit away.
  22. Solo pulls up vertical for Lumcovak then recover.
  23. Solo pulls up for Tumbles in the vertical.
  24. Solo exits while 3 Ship enter direct to DC.
  25. 3 Ship approaches DC head on for ‘Hashemite Break’:
    • Wing men turn towards each other and separate – Leader pulls up for ‘Tail- slide’. Wing men pull up for Tumbles in vertical and return crossing each other for ‘Knife Edge’ Pass parallel to DL followed by 45* climb and 1&1/2 ‘Tumble’ then 3 ship exit away from C.
  26. Slot/solo enters DC high for:
    • 8 Consecutive ‘Snap Rolls’ into DLC. Pull up for ‘Lumcovak, blended into 1 ½ turns Flat spin & recover then Pull up for tumbles from top of loop. Proceeds right of DC to adjust for head on rejoin with 3 Ship in LAF.
  27. 3 Ship enter from Left in LAF for crossing ‘Knife Edge’ pass from Solo.
  28. 3Ship ‘Loop’ in LAF parallel and C on DL.
  29. Slot/Solo rejoins for BF out of 1 ½ tumble.
  30. From R of DLC 4 Ship approach in BF for ‘Slow Roll’ parallel to DL.
  31. 4 ship adjust head on into DLC for ‘Concord Formation’.
  32. ‘Concord-Fan Break’ away from DLC.
  33. 4 Ship adjusts downwind in ‘Trail’ for landing in sequence.

Display time form take off to Runway clear is approximately 20 minutes maximum.